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Bureau des guides des 2 Vallées


It's an activity that develops great physical, mental and social qualities. It's open to all, and everyone will find their own style, their own way...
Open to all, we offer all levels, from beginner to advanced, from age 6 upwards.

Climbing with En Montage


From taster sessions on training sites to multi pitch courses if you want to go further.

Via Ferrata avec Eau Vive Passion


This activity combines climbing and the void in complete safety, as you are attached to a cable and supervised by a guide who gives you all the tips you need to progress on the cliff!

Via-Ferrata avec Eric Fossard - Guide de Haute Montagne

La Roche-des-Arnauds

In recent years, Via Ferrata has become one of the most popular activities for families, friends and tribes.

Mountaineering with le Bureau des Guides des 2 Vallées


Discover your 'true nature' at the heart of superb landscapes and share a strong, unforgettable experience. Also an opportunity to make the most of the activity in complete safety thanks to quality supervision. So just put your crampons on!

Escalade avec Eric Fossard - Guide de Haute Montagne

La Roche-des-Arnauds

Come and discover rock climbing with Eric Fossard, Mountain Guide.
You don't have to be a great sportsman to try climbing, a sport to be discovered without complexes on the region's magnificent cliffs!

Escalade avec Roc'Addict


Tackle the world of vertical climbing in an exceptional natural setting, in good spirits, with a state-certified climbing professional.

Cliff climbing and long routes.

Via-Ferrata avec le Bureau des guides des 2 vallées


Feel like an adventurer?
A technique that originated in Italy's Dolomites, the via-ferrata is an itinerary somewhere between hiking and climbing, located on a rock face equipped with specific elements (cables, rungs, monkey bridges...).

Percheries - Grimpe d'arbre et activités perchées


La grimpe d'arbres c'est une approche respectueuse de son support vivant, entre sport, détente et émerveillement.

Venez vous percher et naviguez entre les branches, vous suspendre le temps d'un moment, découvrir des sensations, apprendre, vous détendre.

Via Ferrata with En Montagne


It is a fun way to experience the vertical plane in total safety. Equipped with a harness and a rope, attached to a cable along the course, you can enjoy the landscape. Move along iron rungs, footbridges, Nepalese bridges and zip lines ....

Alpinisme avec Eric Fossard - Guide de Haute Montagne

La Roche-des-Arnauds

Mountaineering with a mountain guide!

In the heart of the Southern Alps, the Pays des Ecrins is the ideal destination for discovering and learning about the high mountains. Here's to mountaineering!

Via Ferrata avec Roc'Addict


Tackle the world of vertical climbing in an exceptional natural setting, in good spirits, with a qualified climbing professional.
Photo souvenir guaranteed!

Mountaineering with En Montagne


From the nearby Grand Ferrand, to the Dévoluy with the Pic Ponsin or the Obiou through to the Pelvoux and the Ecrins, Yannick Gast, passionate mountain guide will introduce you to the joys of these major summits.

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Site d'escalade de Céüse - Face Ouest


The Céüse cliffs are well known to climbers. Some of the world's most beautiful routes can be found here!
West face: + 170 routes from 4a to 8b+ - 7 sectors.

Topo on sale at the Sources du Buëch Tourist Office.

Site d'escalade des gorges d'Agnielles

La Faurie

Natural climbing site with 3 sectors: "Via Ferrata", "l'Ammonite" and "La Montagne".

52 medium-level routes from 4a to 7b+, including 5 short "children's initiation" routes.
South-west exposure.

Topo available from Sources du Buëch Tourist Office.

Site d'escalade La Roche des Arnauds

La Roche-des-Arnauds

Small, partially equipped cliff.
South-facing, levels 4a to 8c.
Number of routes: 35.

Site d'escalade de St-Julien


Away from the main road, a small site in the quiet Vallon de Durbon, 1km from the village of Saint-Julien.

21 medium-level routes from 4a to 6b, including 8 short "children's initiation" routes.

Topo on sale at the Sources du Buëch Tourist Office.


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Via Souterrata de la Tune


An exceptional experience in a karstic environment awaits you for a quest for adventure and thrills!
The via souterrata is accessible only in the presence of a specialized guide.

Via ferrata des Gorges d'Agnielles

La Faurie

Route in two parts: 1st part "easy", second part "fairly difficult". Approach time 10 min. After the parking lot, follow the track past the climbing site and the first "via" for 300m. A path on the left winds up to the start.

Communauté de communes d'Aspres sur Buëch

La Faurie

Approach time 10 min, start at 828 m, 1h ascent, arrival at summit at 878 m.
At the start a 50m pillar with vertical passages, at the top a left-hand escape route.

To rent gear

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Location de matériel de via-ferrata


Rental of via-ferrata equipment, including helmet, harness and lanyard.
Outside July and August, by prior arrangement: 06 82 62 54 55
July-August: from 10 am

Eskive le shop


Magasin dédié aux sports de montagne outdoor / indoor.
Matériel pour professionnels et amateurs avec une large gamme d'accessoires.
Location - Vente - Réparation - Conseil

Randonnée, ski, raquettes à neige, alpinisme, escalade, vélo, parapente...